Strike the moon, shoot at the stars
10 July Launch

Live Chart(Soon)

Auto Staking

FairLaunch is a deflationary token, FairLaunch will be automatically staked just by holding it in your wallet, FairLaunch wont let you down!
Before FairLaunch
After FairLaunch

Road Map

Protocol Initialized
FairLaunch is created as an idea to be a revolutionary currency amidst the other meme coins that have revolutionized the cryptocurrency space. Our intention is to bring FairLaunch to the masses by building its own NFT marketplace where rockets, moon and art are created/traded in form of rare NFT's.
The Initial Push
FairLaunch will sign exclusive promotional deals and various marketing campaigns along with other efforts in order to grow the community.
Holding the Line
The FairLaunch ecosystem development will be at its latest stages, FairLaunch users will be invited to test our products (#FA NFT marketplace and FairLaunch payments gateway).
To the Moon!
The main projects of FairLaunch will be done and we will start scaling these projects. Aside from the main burn-events which will take place, we plan on burning additional tokens by buying FairLaunch with 50% of all profits generated from the FairLaunch ecosystem, these tokens will also be burnt in order to reduce the circulating supply tremendously. At this point, anyone can use the products of the FairLaunch ecosystem. Artists and designers attained in order to close exclusive deals to release their art only on our FairLaunch NFT marketplace (The #FA will not only be a Rocket or meme related NFT marketplace).

ANY Merchant can accept FairLaunch as payment method by using our FairLaunch payments gateway, meaning that you can spend your FairLaunch on any participating store.

Strike the moon, shoot at the stars